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Being a new parent can be pretty daunting. You now have a tiny human who is dependent on you for his or her survival. Your baby needs complete care. Moreover, he/she needs to feel safe and happy.

Here are some ways to ensure you baby feels comfortable and loved:

Keep bonding

Your baby felt safe in the warmth of your womb. Now outside, your baby needs that same cozy feeling. Strengthen the bond you have with him/her by touching, talking, cuddling and direct eye contact. Hold him/her close to your chest for long periods at a stretch. This releases your baby’s happy hormones and makes him/her ‘coo’ with contentment.

Be comforting

When it comes to comforting, every mother knows what works best for his or her baby. Only by trial and error will you know how best to soothe your baby. It could be by singing a favorite lullaby, rocking or gentle stroking. Once you know, you’ll know. Physical comfort is equally important. Make sure your baby is well-fed at all times. Keep her wrapped in a warm blanket in winter and ensure her/his summer clothes are made of soft, breathable material.

Cap the number of visitors

Babies don’t like being cuddled and passed around by many strangers with unfamiliar faces. Plus, the more the number of the visitors, the more the chance of infection through the entry of germs. Having only the closest friends and family over is not a bad idea. Others can have their chances later when the house is a little less crowded. And of course, avoid all visitors at feeding or sleeping times. 

Keep observing

Babies communicate their needs through non-verbal cues. You’ll hear different ways of crying, body movement or noises, all of which are cues you’ll need to pick up in order to understand what your baby needs. This can prevent uncontrollable crying because you’ve understood your baby’s needs and done the needful to keep him/her happy.

Create an environment for sleep

When it’s sleep time, prepare for it. A disturbed baby won’t fall asleep easily so begin creating a calming environment by swaddling your baby, minimizing noise, and taking away any stimulants. Change diapers only when absolutely necessary. This will let your baby enjoy some uninterrupted sleep.

Get fresh air and sunlight

Pollution and dust notwithstanding, your baby needs fresh air and sunshine from time to time. A walk in the park will not only improve your baby’s mood but also introduce your baby to the outside world in small doses. Vitamin D, found abundantly in sunlight will also aid bone development.

If you want a break from continuously holding your baby, check out the Baby Nest Portable Breathable Cute Baby Lounger. This lounging pad offers extra support giving your baby a snuggly feeling. Plush and super comfortable, this lounger is perfect for lounging, tummy time or changing clothes. It is not a sleeping device and is only recommended for supervised lounging.

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