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The word Bonsai is a Japanese word that means tree planting.

Bonsai, which has been elevated to an art form, uses only precise tenets of Bonsai pruning and training to create diminutive versions of real life trees.

If you want to celebrate a loved one, a bonsai may be your best choice.

Three trees specially stand proud as symbols of love. The first one is Ficus. It is an indoor bonsai which is easy to grow and symbolizes qualities such as love, fertility and health. It will survive poor natural daylight and is a good choice for beginner bonsai growers.

The Chinese Elm is another indoor bonsai that symbolizes strength, wisdom, intuition and love. It has a naturally twiggy structure that is aesthetically pleasing. It is a natural woodland tree that is ideal for beginners.

In popular tradition, a bonsai tree also symbolizes balance, order and harmony and brings peace and good fortune to the grower or the recipient, who gets it as a gift. The bonsai plant remains a symbol of good luck in many cultures, the reason being that it encapsulates within itself the virtues of strength and perseverance. It reminds us that even the smallest things can overcome great obstacles to grow into a thing of beauty. Because of this symbolism, a bonsai is often given as a gift to someone who is embarking on a new venture and is therefore in need of good luck. It denotes care, nurturing, patience and positivity and can send a beautiful message to your friends and family.

Thirdly, the Oriental Tea Tree also known as the Fukien Tea Tree is a flowering species that blossoms into pretty white flowers. It is an indoor bonsai that lends a touch of art to home decor and is also a symbol of courage and love. All three trees represent love and devotion for a partner or family member since ancient times and are therefore very popular as gifting options.

Many of us are fascinated by miniatures. And a bonsai tree taps into this love for miniatures evoking feelings of wonder and awe within us. They are objects of beauty that demand our attention and praise. Moreover, when we see an enormous oak or pine growing in a small pot, we are reminded of the amazing adaptability of nature, which teaches us that we can learn from nature and be flexible and adaptable as well.

A bonsai, whether given as a gift or grown at home, is always special. The reasons are many. It is a difficult craft rooted in centuries of tradition that requires talent, patience, and learning on the part of the grower. Moreover, it is an art that can be passed on from one generation to the next.

The bonsai is also a tree of love. It creates an unbreakable bond between itself and its grower. It represents the labors of love. Tending to a bonsai requires a lot of care and as such can provide meditative value to the grower because it requires him/her to focus on a single object, which means there is less distraction for the mind. 

Finally, many bonsai trees are rare and require growers to invest a lot of time and energy in them, which in turn leads growers and the public alike to value bonsai and all trees as beautiful gifts from mother nature.

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