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A common friend

What does a photographer and a realtor have in common? Both will vouch for the importance of natural light. In fact, natural light has a number of health benefits. Here are some of them:

Exposure to sunlight helps the skin absorb vitamin D, which is essential in preventing bone loss. Vitamin D also helps in reducing the chances of heart disease and various cancers and stops weight gain.

Heard of seasonal depression or winter blues? Both happen when we don’t have enough exposure to sunlight. And since mental health and sleep are intricately related, lack of exposure to natural light can also affect our daily sleep patterns. 

Though fluorescent lamps are generally considered safe, some people get an elevated stress response under exposure to fluorescent light. Too much exposure to CFLs can increase your risk for migraines and eye strain. So getting natural light as much as you can should remain a priority.

But how can you let more sunshine in?

You can place mirrors or objects with a metallic sheen around your room. The mirror will reflect the sunlight so your room becomes brighter. Remove heavy curtains as they will block light from entering. Choosing the right wall color is also important. Light colored pastels, an eggshell wash, or a reflective paint finish and of course, a light-colored rug for the floor will bring more light in.

And last but not the least, exercising outdoors or in a gym by the window will give you the natural light you need.

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