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Ah! I’m all ears!

A burning sensation in the ears can have many reasons. The feeling is that of smoke coming out of the ears and ears that are warm to the touch. Both ears can feel hot, turn a reddish color and have a burning sensation and be painful to the touch.

Sunburn can be one of the causes because ears can get sunburned like other parts of the body. The ear can turn red, crusty, flaky. The important thing is to find out how long the sunburn will last. 

Sometimes, ears will feel hot as a reaction to an emotion such anger, embarrassment, or anxiety. As is to be expected, your ears will cool down once you do.

A change in temperature such as extremely cold temperatures reduces blood flow to the surface of your body as a result of a process called vasoconstriction. Vasoconstriction can happen in your cheeks, nose and ears. Skiers and snowboards and those engaged in outdoor activities may also experience red ears as the body adjusts to the temperature and tries to self-regulate its blood flow.

Ear infection can also be a cause for ear discomfort. The infection usually occurs in the middle ear and is caused by a virus or bacterium. Symptoms are hot and burning ears, a blocked feeling in the ears, ear pain, drainage from the ear and diminished hearing. Moreover, children can experience all of these symptoms as well as fever, headache, lack of appetite and a loss of balance.

Menopause and other hormonal changes such as those caused by chemotherapy can also cause hormonal changes. A hot flash can feel like being warm all over with symptoms generally diminishing over time. 

Red ear syndrome (RES) is a rare syndrome where the ear experiences burning pain. The condition can be brought on by usual and routine activities such as stress, neck movements, touch, exertion and washing or brushing your hair. Both ears can experience the condition which is sometimes accompanied by a migraine. The condition can last from minutes to hours, occur many times a day or reappear after several days. RES can vary from mild discomfort to a great deal of pain and is difficult to treat.

Erythermalgia, (also called erythromelalgia or EM) is another rare condition that is diagnosed by 

by redness and burning pain in a person’s face and ears. EM is often triggered by mild exercise or warm temperatures and can cause severe pain that impacts daily life. On rare occasions, Erythermalgia may be triggered by a specific food item such as oranges.

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