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Birds and breeze

A wind chime is a decorative arrangement where small pieces of glass, metal, or shell are suspended from a frame and typically hung near a door or window. It makes a tinkling sound in the draught that is pleasant to the ears.

Wind chimes come in a variety of shapes and materials.

Tubular chimes have a tube or rod like shape and are made of metal or bamboo. Whereas metal chimes have varying tones that can sound from low to high, bamboo chimes have a more mellow tone. Bell chimes often incorporate a mix of chimes and bells and make a lovely, tinkling sound. Other types of chimes include glass and seashell chimes that look very pretty and reflect light and also have a light tinkling sound. Celebration and memorial chimes honor a loved one or celebrate a special day and gong chimes feature a metal gong that has a wooden clapper. When struck by the clapper, the chime sounds like a gong.

Wind chimes apart from being a decoration to your house can relax the mind with their calming sounds. They can sometimes drive birds away but only till the time the birds get used to the sound. Larger wind chimes with a good clatter and a deeper tone are better for this purpose. Wind chimes with long metallic twists will often catch and reflect the light, a process that often works in keeping birds away.

Sometimes, you may find that your wind chime isn’t working. This may be because strong winds have snapped off your wind chime or the string has frozen or broken off because of very cold weather. The best option here is to re-string your wind chime. 

Another reason your chime isn’t working might be that it simply isn’t getting enough wind. In that case, change the location of your wind chime and place it near a window or a door or in any part of the house or porch that gets more breeze. 

If you’ve placed the chimes in a bush, you should hang them a little higher. If the chimes are hanging from a tree and still not sounding, try placing them on a different branch and see what happens. Wind directions can change and that will have an impact on your wind chimes. You can also use a longer cord for the wind catcher for the chime to sound more frequently.

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