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Demons Need To Die

Mosquitos are not only troublesome but also carriers of serious diseases that can sometimes prove to be fatal. But fret not. To put your worries to rest we have curated some remedies you can make at home to drive these little demons away:

Add 10 ml of lemon eucalyptus oil to 90 ml of any carrier oil such as olive oil or coconut oil. Your homemade mosquito repellent spray is ready. Further, if you add distilled water and vodka to the oils your spray will become lighter. Lemon eucalyptus oil contains compounds like citronellal and p-menthane 3,8-diol (PMD) that mosquitoes stay away from. But it is essential to use only processed and purified lemon eucalyptus essential oil as PMD is present in the essential oil in small amounts only.

Combine 10 drops of neem oil with 30 ml of coconut oil in a spray bottle along with boiled water and vodka. Apply in the required areas. Neem’s strong aroma and natural properties are doubly effective in keeping mosquitoes away especially when combined with coconut.

Add 10 drops of tea tree oil to 30 ml of coconut oil in a spray bottle with distilled water and vodka: a combination that is sure to drive these pests away. Tree tea oil has great antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties that can heal mosquito bites. But its strong aroma is the primary reason why mosquitoes keep clear of it.

Add 10-12 drops of lavender oil to 3 or 4 tablespoons of vanilla extract and 3-4 tablespoons of lemon juice along with distilled water and put the solution in a spray bottle. Shake the mixture before using it. Lavender oil has compounds like limonene, linalool, eucalyptol, and camphor, all of which have natural mosquito repelling properties. Vanilla does an equally good job while the acidic content of lemon juice makes the mixture even more effective.

Add 10 drops of lemongrass oil to 10 drops of rosemary oil and then add the mixture to 60 ml of a carrier oil such as olive oil or coconut oil. Add boiled water and vodka to make the solution lighter. Limonene and citronella are natural repellents that are found in Lemongrass oil. Rosemary oil has eucalyptol, camphor, and limonene that also act as natural mosquito repellents.

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If you don’t want to spend time and energy putting together these homemade repellents, you can try electric insect killers such as the Mosquito Zapper and the Fly Killer Trap that will kill insects instantly. The way these devices do that is that they have high intensity ultraviolet bulbs built into them, which attract the insects into the device. On coming into contact with the extremely powerful high voltage electrically charged metal grids of these devices, the insects die instantly.

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