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Let’s face it. Our mind is fragile and needs careful handling, just as our body does. Here are some ways to keep calm and give your mind the nurturing it needs:


When your mind is overwhelmed with pending stuff, worries, dreams, desires, frustrations, anger, courage, or sadness just take a pen and paper. Write. Writing is proven to have therapeutic effects. Try writing a mindfulness journal. The next best option is to talk it out. Releasing all the thoughts that are taxing your mind at the moment can help a lot because your mind needs an outlet so leave your thoughts on a piece of paper or communicate them to a second person other than you. Let your mind rest.


Once you’ve put your thoughts down on paper, the next best thing is to organize them in order of priority. That way you can arrange your agenda or calendar for the upcoming week. This in turn helps you to connect with the present more fruitfully since the rest of your time is already scheduled. In fact, you can segregate your list into “to-do” or a “waiting for” so you minimize your distractions.


Meditation gives your mind the break it needs. Focusing your attention on one particular thing such as your breathing, or listening to nature sounds restores your mind from the constant activity and chatter that it is exposed to on a daily basis. Mindful meditation is an effective way to manage emotional stress, lower blood pressure, improve mental health and help with stress management. 

To practice mindfulness, find a comfortable place to sit. Draw a few deep breaths focusing your attention on the breath. Pay attention to your body breathing and see what thoughts come to your mind at that moment. If your mind wanders, take another deep breath, and bring your mind back to focus on your breath again.

Avoid Multitasking

Avoid doing too many things at the same time. Concentrate on one thing at a time. This is easier and more productive. Your mind can stress when you do too many things at once. Mute your cell phone and concentrate on the job at hand.


Physical exercise keeps mood swings at bay and also gives your mind rest and recharge. Take note of the fact that your mind is going to rest when you free it from the burden of exercising it. And physical exercise can be a good way to do that. A walk is a good option. It calms the mind and makes you feel good immediately. Zumba and other aerobic exercises will also give you a decent interval of exercises. If you want to go a step further, go gym, do some weight lifting, try yoga or go for an intense run. Remember, a fit body means a happy mind.

Cultivate a hobby

Manual activities are hobbies that are good for your brain. They are calming and help your mind relax at the end of the day: knitting, adult coloring books, drawing mandalas, painting, origami, cooking, sewing, and doing puzzles, choose your favorite stress busting pastime.

Take up gardening

Get your hands dirty. Literally: take up a scoop of earth, dig the hole, sow the plant and place the seeds, feel a wonderful sense of calm and happiness.

Try breathing exercises

Breathing techniques such as box breathing or long exhales are effective ways of relieving stress at times when you need the most. Deep breathing is an easy relaxation technique that you can learn.

Finally, if all else fails, take professional help to get a grip over the emotions that are swirling through your mind. Remember, taking charge of your mind is what matters the most.

The Hummingbird LED wind chimes can be another great stress buster. It doubles up as an ornamental embellishment for your garden lighting it up in brilliant colors. These wind chimes are easy to hang, moisture proof and come in a variety of designs such as hummingbird wind chimes, sun wind chimes, butterfly wind chimes, heart wind chimes, and dragonfly wind chimes. They come with a user manual and can be powered by rechargeable solar batteries.

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