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Does it ring a bell?

We’re sure you’ve heard the word “diffuser” before but do you know how it works?

An essential oil diffuser spreads essential oils into the air by breaking down the oil into micro molecules and then spreading them into the air.

This kind of diffuser is known as an ultrasonic diffuser and is a market favorite because it requires only a small amount of oil to be properly diffused throughout a room.

There are other kinds of diffusers too. Nebulizers are noisy diffusers. They work by blowing a jet of air over a small tube that contains essential oils.

The airstream creates a vacuum that sucks the oil out of the tube and sprays them into the air in a fine mist.

In evaporative diffusers, a fan blows on oils put into a filter or other surface. The fragrance is thereby dispersed very quickly by the air current from the fan. Heat diffusers work by slowly evaporating the oil. Though a heat diffuser is a more cost – effective option, there is no control over the diffusion process. Plus this diffuser will not be allowed in areas with no permission for open flames. 

But no matter which diffuser you choose, it will lend your room a fine fragrance.

A diffuser breaks down the essential oil of your choice into millions of tiny particles which coalesce into a fine water vapor that spreads throughout your space quickly and fills the room with the fragrance of the essential oil.

This replaces the unpleasant smells thus cleaning the air. The diffuser also distributes the scent evenly so your entire room fills with the fragrance in proportionate amounts. But be careful not to heat the essential oil, which will then lose its beneficial properties. Moreover, if you have young children and pets, a diffuser is a safer choice over a burning candle which poses the threat of being a fire hazard.

However, if you’re not sure if inhaling an essential oil will be safe for you, rest assured most essential oils pose no threat to your health.

Some, though, may turn out to be irritants for your airway so read the product guidelines before purchase or if you’re allergic take your doctor’s opinion. 

Other points you need to take note of are:

  • Check regularly to see if your diffuser is malfunctioning. Incorrect handling may cause burns. We suggest you avoid diffusers with open flames. Make safety your priority. Also, clean your diffuser after every use to prevent the build-up of oil. 
  • If you’re using an ultrasonic diffuser, make sure to clean its water reservoir properly to prevent the growth of microbes which may cause infections. 
  • For those with asthma and pneumonitis, a diffuser may not be a wise choice. 
  • Inhaling too much essential oil can cause a headache so use just a little.
  • Using a diffuser is not recommended for pregnant women. 
  • Some essential oils can be harmful for young children and pets so act according to the product guidelines. 

Inhaling too much essential oil can lead to toxicity in young children and pets. Inhaling certain essential oils can also be harmful to pregnant women and their babies.


You have to match the correct leg to the correct slot and clockwise rotate to the end..


You might only insert the legs into it.If you don’t rotate to the end, the legs will fall off..


Please pay attention to the water level. If you add too much water, the fog will become smaller.


The mist outlet is blocked by essential oils . Please clean the aroma diffuser.


If you need more moisture in the air in your home, then you need a humidifier. If you only want to add fragrance to the air, and no moisture, then a diffuser is the proper product. If you want to buy a Humidifier the go-to Portable Oil Aroma Cool Mist humidifier For Bedroom

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