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Every home needs one😌

Moon lamps are beautiful night lights that you can invest in. Shaped in the form of a moon with a translucent surface, they are not just lamps but pieces of art under whose soft lights you can create new memories and new experiences. Moon lamps increase visibility at your workspace and home and also enhance mood.

There are many types of moon lamps in the market. However, the best-in-market lamps will usually come with the following features:

How long your moon lamp will last will depend on its battery size. For instance, expect a 500mAh lamp to last for up to 15 or 16 hours on a two- to three-hour charge, while a 250mAh lamp will naturally last for half that time on about the same charge. It takes appx. 90 minutes to charge the Mindful Moon Lamp. Its combination of light and subtle movement recreates the ambiance of a lunar universe which can calm your busy mind helping it to regain focus. The lamp has a levitating feature and spins slowly to flood your room in calming hues.