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Years of marriage and it can feel boring at times. The relationship is not as exciting as the initial days of courtship or what it was as a newly wedded couple.

But here are some tips to rekindle the romance:

Although this may sound like a cliche, saying “hello” to your partner once he returns home is important because the greeting often translates to “I missed you.” This can be compared to you showing up at an event with much enthusiasm but not being greeted by anyone. The same applies to your spouse. Remember to greet him with a loving “hello” and the sweetest kiss. Little deeds go a long way in preserving the life in the relationship.

No matter how busy your schedule is, schedule a weekly check-in with your spouse. Grab a quick coffee together in the nearest cafe or pour yourselves a glass of wine once the kids are asleep. The 30 minutes you steal from a busy week is your time to discuss things that happened during the week or make decisions about the week ahead. It strengthens bonding.

Even if you’re married, you should still go on dates. Avoid the hamster wheel of waking up, breakfast, a quick kiss, running out the door, family dinner, hitting the sack and then repeating this routine the very next day. Your relationship may go stale. Instead, take one night once a week for just the both of you. Book a table at a nice restaurant, see a movie or just go for pastries or ice cream. Have the fun, romantic date night you both deserve.

If you remember your wedding vows, you probably remember that you agreed to be together for better or for worse. So follow the rule. Share the highs and the lows of your daily life. Make that a dinner time habit. Include your kids in the conversation as well. This is a wonderful way to maintain a healthy and stable conversation going between you and your partner.

Don’t forget verbal affection which means mutual words of appreciation. It’s a two-way communication.There is no better form of encouragement than being reminded by your spouse or partner how much they appreciate the little things you do. Similarly, reminding yourself of the awesome things your partner does for you will keep you going in those moments when he is getting on your nerves. Keep reminding your partner that your love and appreciation for him remains strong no matter how hard the day.

Little signals of attention matter too. Like looking into his eyes when you are speaking to him. Avoid other distractions and maintain eye contact at all times. For date nights, make sure the cell phone is on silent mode or switched off altogether. Also, leave the electronics in the other room while you’re having your morning coffee together.

A little flirting can rekindle the fire too. A simple brush of the hands, or a kiss or frequent hugs or a loving peck: day-to-day affection can be the cherry on top of a relationship that has already been built upon communication and trust.

Who said surprises are only meant for holidays and birthdays? A small surprise gift or a surprise date can work equally well. How about a love note on the seat of your partner’s car one morning? Works, right?

The Red Rose Lamp also works as a symbol of true friendship and love. It has a silk rose wrapped in a string of beautiful LED lamps that comes encased in a glass dome that is made of unbreakable borosilicate glass. You can put your love and friendship messages inside the dome. The base is made of elegant pine wood, stable and looks very classy. The lamp comes with unique packaging and doubles up as an all-occasion gift.

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