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If you need a fan but don’t really want a large one, a USB fan might be your cup of tea.

USB fans are great to use at the office, car, or anywhere else where you need a cooling breeze. They are a less expensive option to help you work, relax, or sleep comfortably in the sweltering heat of summer.

These fans are for close-proximity cooling and are portable in that most can be powered by batteries, which gives you the option to carry them along on your journeys or camping trips. Further, an USB fan can be especially beneficial for people with allergy problems who can’t afford to keep their windows open to improve the airflow inside their rooms. And finally, don’t let their small sizes fool you. Although not as powerful as a ceiling fan, these fans will deliver a cooling breeze in your chosen small space.

USB fans are mini energy efficient delights that can be powered by laptops, power banks, and USB wall and auto adapters, and any other device that has an USB port. The battery powered ones come with either disposable or rechargeable batteries. The latter will enable the fan to run for 3 to 24 or more hours depending on the fan and the speed at which it is running. One criteria to look out for is to note how long the fan takes to recharge between uses. As to electricity consumption, an USB fan will only consume about 2.5 watts per hour, which when multiplied by 24 hours amounts to a total consumption of 60 watts from the grid. Therefore, a month’s usage will only add a negligible 1.8kWh to your electricity bill: hardly a dent in your pocket.

There is no reason why you shouldn’t consider buying an USB mini fan. They come with small air circulators that project directed air, capable of reaching up to 2 meters in distance. Therefore, what you get is a continuous gust of air within a small space. They may be small but are extremely light, portable, and inexpensive, not needing any plugs to work.

Check out our cute mini fans.

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Up to 16 HOURS depending on the wind speed setting. 4000mAh Large capacity batteries provide 4-16 working hours’ duration (depending on different speeds). The Neck Fan has 3 SPEED levels. Adjust appropriate fan speed by pressing the power button repeatedly.


With the ultra-quiet design, we have meticulously manufactured the motor so that noises stay in a range of 25-40dB. It is quiet enough to hear your own breath.


It’s not heavy, and it’s comfortable to wear. At Tap Trendy, comfort in our products is our first priority. All of our products are sophisticatedly designed so that they can deliver you the most enjoyable experience.


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