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From times immemorial,

many cultures around the world have regarded the moon as sacred and magical. The practice of moon gazing combines the art of gazing at the moon with the art of yoga to achieve mental calm and wellness.

Sadie Bingham has been practicing the art of meditation for quite some time now. She is a clinical social worker working in Gig Harbor, Washington. She specializes in anxiety and explains that for quite some time now, she has been intrigued by the moon as a benevolent source of light. She began to explore the effects of the moon on mood and well-being. She agrees with the research that has been done on the subject, which reveals that gazing at the moon regularly inspires:

  • A sense of awe
  • A feeling of oneness with the universe
  • A deeper sense of introspection about the greater meaning of the universe

In fact, moon gazing has certain benefits such as:

  • Improved concentration
  • Better sleep
  • A stronger sense of intuition

Moreover, the practitioners of Trataka, which is a kind of Yogic meditation believe that gazing at the moon steadily and regularly can develop:

  • Eye strength
  • Concentration
  • Visualization abilities
  • Improved emotional Awareness

Here is a step-by-step approach to moon gazing that you can try:

  • Proceed to a safe spot which affords a clear view of the moon. 
  • Turn off all the other lights so the moon becomes the focal point of your concentration. 
  • Close your eyes. Slow your breath. Inhale for 3 seconds. Hold your breath for 3 seconds and then slowly release your breath. 
  • As you exhale, imagine the moonlight flooding your body and taking away any “darkness” that is a melange of internal tensions, distressing thoughts and anxiety. 
  • Keep breathing slowly and steadily even as you keep gazing at the moon noting its intricate details. 
  • Acknowledge the positive feelings that come up: awe, delight, peace and calm. 
  • Allow and accept any thoughts that crowd your mind, choosing to live in the moment.  
  • If you want a more Trataka-aligned gazing experience, relax your focus and gaze at the moon steadily without blinking your eyes. Stop if your eyes start watering. Then for the next few minutes, close your eyes and stare at the space between the eyebrows. Create an internal image of the moon in your mind. Focus on it until it fades. 
  • Continue this for anywhere between 3 and 30 minutes. 
  • See how peaceful and energized you feel.

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