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Never a pain in the neck

If you want to remain as cool as a cucumber on a sizzling summer day, then a neck fan can be your best go-to device. Another advancement of modern technology, it is a small and portable fan that you can place around your neck to get a steady stream of cool breeze.

Neck fans can be very useful if you spend long hours in the office or kitchen or spend quite a lot of time walking or running for moderate to long distances especially if you live in a hot and humid weather zone or during the summer. If you’re a person who is very sensitive to rising temperatures then a neck fan is for you.

The design should be adaptable and fit the neck area without feeling tight.

The fan should not fall off during physical activity such as running, walking or aerobics.

The fan should never rub the skin since that would cause irritation.

If you’re wondering about how a neck fan is powered, know that neck fans that have a battery of 4000mAh run from 4 -16 hours depending on different speeds. You can adjust the speed button of the USB Personal Leafless Neck Fan by pressing the power button repeatedly. Depending on the type of battery your fan has, it can last from anytime between 2 - 16 hours.

The USB Leafless Neck Fan is ultra-quiet and uses rechargeable batteries and lasts up to 16 hours. It has a Twin-turbo engine, multiplied wind power and 48 wind outlets to provide a 360°cooling experience. It cools you down in 3 seconds flat.