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Little-Known Money Benefits for Veterans

Did you know that as a veteran you are entitled to many money benefits. These benefits can help you pay for college, buy a home, start a business, and more. Here is a list you should apply for: 

Education Benefits

 If you’re a veteran you may qualify to get hundreds of thousands in education money through federal programs, state programs, and private scholarship funds, which will help you attend public school completely tuition-free. In addition, you are entitled to other benefits such as:

  • A monthly housing allowance while you are in school
  • A stipend for books and supplies
  • The scope to use your GI Bill education benefits at any accredited school in the country
  • Tuition assistance programs through the Department of Defense and other private companies

Housing & Benefits

As a Veteran, you are also eligible for housing and business funding. For instance, the Department of Veterans Affairs offers several home loan programs that help veterans buy a home without any down payment. Veterans can also get benefits through the Veteran Assistance Foreclosure Program, which assists veterans that have defaulted on their mortgages. Through this program, the Veteran Assistance department will pay off the remaining balance of your loan and offer you a new loan on more favorable terms. Veterans can also search for foreclosed homes that the Veteran Assistance Department purchased and then buy those homes from the Veteran Assistance Department for a discount.

Business Benefits

The Small Business Administration has many loan programs available for veterans who want to venture into entrepreneurship. These loans are offered for businesses of all sizes.

Life Insurance Benefits

The Department of Veterans Affairs offers several insurance programs and life insurance benefits to help veterans and their families. These programs cover two main types of policies: standard term policies and variable universal policies. 

Long-term Care Benefits

The Department of Veterans Affairs also offers long-term care benefits for veterans and their families. The cost can cover nursing home care, assisted living facilities, and in-home health services and extend to care for surviving spouses as well.

Caregiver Support Benefits

Caregiver support benefits are available to veterans who need help with everyday activities and can help to cover the cost of hiring a home health aide or paying for other forms of care. However, to be eligible for this benefit the veteran must need assistance with at least two Activities of Daily Living such as bathing, dressing, grooming, eating, using the bathroom, and transferring from bed to chair.

Death Benefits

The Veteran Affairs department also offers death benefits that covers funeral expenses of the veteran and monthly payments to the surviving spouse or dependent children. Moreover, the surviving spouse and dependents can also request the Veteran Affairs Department to drape a flag over the veteran’s coffin. Surviving spouses and dependents may also be awarded armed forces leave bonds, adjusted service bonds, death awards, unclaimed pay, and much more upon the veteran’s death.

Pension Benefits

Pension benefits for veterans can cover the cost of living expenses including food, housing, utilities, and medical bills. To qualify, the veteran must have served in the military during an active war period such as World War II.

Veteran Student Loan Forgiveness

The Veteran Student Loan Forgiveness program is a federal initiative that helps veterans pay off their student loans partially. This program offers veterans up to $50,000 in tax-free cash assistance so they may repay their loans, and makes monthly payments more affordable through income-driven repayment plans.

Free Tax Preparation and Filing Services

This federal initiative helps veterans with their taxes by offering them free tax preparation services and an online tool for e-filing.

Non-College Degree Program

This initiative helps veterans with their education by offering them free courses in disciplines such as culinary arts or welding conducted at various local community colleges across America. To qualify, the veteran must have served during an active war period. 

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