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5 types of business etiquette

Good business protocol can lead to the cultivation of better professional relationships and notch up your networking skills so closing more deals with a wider section of clients and customers becomes a piece of cake.

Broadly defined, business protocol covers a wide spectrum of different codes of conduct and manners that can differ across companies, industries and countries. 
An important part of business protocol is business etiquette which includes a set of general guidelines for manners and behavior that is to be followed within a professional setting, which allows professionals to feel both comfortable and safe.
The 5 different categories of business etiquette are:
Workplace Etiquette
The rules here govern your behavior at the office. And what's considered rude or annoying at one office may be completely acceptable behavior at another. For example, some offices have a dog-friendly culture while others don't. Some may allow a less formal dress code while others specify only formals. 
Table Manners and Meal Etiquette: 
This is a vast area to cover but the most basic rules are:
  • Place your napkin on your lap after sitting down
  • Order items that are similarly priced to that ordered by your colleagues
  • Begin eating only after everyone has been served their food
  • Pass condiments and dishes from left to right. That is the prevalent practice rather than reaching across the table
  • Eat with your mouth closed
  • Never snap your fingers at your server
  • After you finish your meal, partially fold your napkin and then put it to the left of your plate
Professional etiquette covers the following: 
Keeping your word: Stick to the commitments that you've made to your colleague. If for some reason you can't, give your colleague or vendor as much notice as possible. 
Being punctual: Be early rather than late. In fact, never be late. 
Remaining calm: Stay cool even in the most trying situations. Try your best. 
Acting flexible: Be flexible enough to adjust to changes in schedules. Be accommodating as far as possible. 
Using diplomacy: You won't like some people in your office but don't let it show. Be amiable always. 
Accepting constructive criticism: Always be open to constructive feedback. It offers you a chance to take cues from it and improve. 
Communication Etiquette
Communication can make or break a business relationship. Communication etiquette is often divided into 3 categories: 
  • Phone Etiquette:
    • Don't speak too loudly or too softly.
    • Don't talk on the phone while you're with someone else. 
    • When on a conference call and you're not speaking, mute yourself so others don't get distracted by the outside noise.
  • Email Etiquette:
    • Try as far as possible to answer internal emails within a day and external emails within three days.
    • Don't use exclamation marks and smiley faces too frequently
    • Choose "Reply" over "Reply All."
    • Check with each person or group before making your introduction.
  • In-Person Etiquette: 
    • Refrain from complimenting people on their appearances. It can make them feel uncomfortable.
    • Try and maintain eye contact 60% to 70% of the time.
    • Match the volume of the person you're speaking to. 
    • Show interest in what the other person is saying.
Meetings Etiquette
  • Meetings are an important part of any business so here is what you need to follow, whether you're meeting in person or virtually:
    • Send a meeting agenda in advance along with the invitation to give the attendees enough time to prepare. 
    • Be mindful of time zones so nobody has to attend a meeting too early in the day or too late at night. 
    • Take out the time to introduce new team members or first-time meeting attendees to the larger group.
  • In-Person Meetings Etiquette:
    • Give attendees five minutes to settle in before beginning.
    • Set or follow a clear agenda to give participants the time to think before presenting
    • Call on everyone who wants to participate or go around in a circle so everyone can speak.
    • Don't speak too loudly 
  • Virtual Meetings Etiquette
    • Make eye contact by looking at the camera
    • Shut the door to not be interrupted by pets or other people in the house 
    • Before your meeting, check the area visible within the camera range to remove inappropriate or overly personal items.
    • If you're the facilitator, give every 
    • participant the chance to speak or present ideas, even if the meeting is remote.
Follow these rules to build and maintain a great professional reputation.
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