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The benefits of 

Relaxation Therapy 

Relaxation Therapy is often used to combat stress, which as we all know can be very harmful in the long run. Relaxation technique is defined as the safe and therapeutic use of highly effective stress management techniques that involve self-help and relate to the mind, and the body helping the body go from a state of anxiety into a deep stage of relaxation. The benefits of relaxation therapy are well-known and are now used by experts all over the world to help the body manage its stress or fight or flight response. The self-help techniques that go into Relaxation Therapy treat both the cause and symptoms of stress and are therefore very beneficial in managing long term stress.
The three main types of Relaxation Techniques are:
Autogenic relaxation
This method focuses on using both visual imagery and body awareness to reduce stress by repeating words or suggestions in the mind making the patient relax and release stress. For example, imagining a peaceful setting.
Progressive muscle relaxation
This method involves slow tensing and then relaxing each muscle group making the patient more aware of physical sensations.
This method involves creating mental images on a journey to a peaceful and calming place or situation such as imagining sitting on a beach listening to the calming lull of the ocean waves.

The benefits of Relaxation Therapy are: 

It encourages the relaxation response
Relaxation therapy helps the body transition from the stress response into the RELAXED RESPONSE meaning that it aids the body to move from the fight or flight state into a state of peace where the body returns to its natural healing state.
It calms the mind
Relaxation therapy is the method of treatment used by professionals to lessen depression, anxiety and stress. Depression impacts our health negatively and often increases because of stress, anxiety, and trauma. The right relaxation techniques when selected carefully by a relaxation therapist helps in reducing the trigger and other contributing factors that create any depressive state. Relaxation techniques reduce chronic anxiety and can also help eliminate and reduce anxiety disorders and panic attacks including PTSD.
It lowers heart rate
Relaxation Therapy is well documented to be the standard method for for lowering heart rate and blood pressure in patients with hypertension.
It reduces muscle tension and pain
Relaxation techniques can also reduce the discomfort associated with pain and inflammation. Stress, anxiety, poor posture and an imbalance in the body’s equilibrium are generally found to increase muscle tension, pain and inflammation. Relaxation techniques help the body's muscles to unwind, and relax thus releasing tension and reducing pain and inflammation.
It improves sleep
Relaxation techniques help alleviate insomnia, generally improving the quality of sleep. Deep sleep, in turn, repairs and restores the body into a healthy state helping us to feel refreshed, motivated and energized.

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