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7 time tested

strategies for a 

long-term relationship

Research reveals that love is still the primary reason why couples marry. Yet, many marriages end in sad divorces that can well be avoided if we know what it takes to sustain a long-term relationship. 
Love is not the only thing you should consider when you’re thinking of marriage. 
Here is a list of the other important factors you need to think about when trying to find someone to spend the rest of your life with:
Sharing values
An understanding of each other’s values is key. For instance, you should have detailed discussions on topics such as politics, spirituality, business, finances, children and your future goals to know where exactly you stand in terms of basic compatibility of your thinking and principles.
Sharing trust
The ability to trust your partner is fundamental to any relationship. Important ways to cultivate trust are by being honest and by showing your partner that you are dependable. This can be done by living up to the promises that you have made to your partner. 
Sharing a physical connection
Physical touch is also an important determinant for a successful relationship. The hormone oxytocin is released during physical touching which lowers stress, increases trust and strengthens the bond between the partners. 
Being your best self
Be your own true self and have fun with your partner. Research has revealed that couples who laugh together have a higher probability of staying together. Being in a fun relationship with the right person leads to better physical and mental health. 
Compatible intimacy
Satisfactory physical intimacy can enhance emotional intimacy. Both go hand in hand. And studies have shown that couples who spend quality time together experience less stress and greater happiness.
Solid Communication
Honest and frequent conversations can help couples to overcome common problems faced in a relationship such as money, children, sex, and jealousy. Talking deepens the bond and solves problems. Moreover, empathy and listening skills can keep the conversation going. 
Handling conflict
Handling conflict maturely involves approaching a problem as partners and not as enemies. Don’t forget that listening is equally important as talking.

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