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10 ways to stay hydrated this summer

What would we do without water? Water helps us to regulate internal body temperature, metabolize food and regulate hunger, lubricate joints, flush out bodily waste and create adequate saliva.

Lack of water in the body leads to dehydration, which can impair kidney function, lead to an imbalance of electrolytes and other body salts and cause other complications.

Here are a few ways to maintain a proper level of hydration in your body:

Drink a glass of water after you get up in the morning: This will boost your energy and get your metabolism up and running. The opposite may not work for people with nocturnal urination problems or heartburn. They should avoid drinking water before bedtime. 

Keep a fancy water bottle at hand: A water bottle serves as a visual reminder so you drink more water every day. The ones with marked measurements are especially helpful in tracking intake.

Set alarms or notifications: Alarms or notifications are a good way to set reminders. Further, Alexa or Google devices can give you a mental boost with words of positive encouragement.

Recognize body signals: Take note of when your body is thirsty or hungry and don’t overeat. This can happen when you mistake thirst for hunger.

Drink at mealtimes: A glass of water before each meal will help you stay hydrated also aiding your digestive system.

Choose calorie-free flavoring: Make a tastier drink by adding a fruit or vegetable infusion. This will give you the impetus to drink more.

Check urine color: When your body is adequately hydrated your urine will show a light yellow color. Dark urine is sometimes a sign of dehydration. 

Replace sugar drinks with sparkling water or seltzer: This will help you reduce sugar intake and add more water to your diet as well.

Fix a daily goal: A simple daily goal will keep you on track. You will stay motivated and strive towards maintaining daily habits.

Make good health a challenge to win: Find accountability partners with whom you can compete and share your successes in meeting your daily fitness and hydration goals regularly.

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