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Style or safety?

A neck fan is a type of portable fan that is a popular summer gadget. It is worn around the neck to fight off the heat of a summer day. 

A  neck fan is powered by a battery and mounted inside a flexible, U-shaped neck support in such a way that the internal blades are positioned near the skin. The mechanism allows cool air to blow out of a ring of mini vents that remain positioned nearly 360 degrees around the neck. Thereby, the fan cools the head, face and neck and is a favorite with joggers, delivery workers or people who spend the majority of their time outdoors.

Many neck fans are bladeless, which means that their blades are hidden inside the casing of the fan. What bladeless fans have is a hidden propeller attached to their base, which draws air into the pedestal and propels it up into the fan’s bladeless ring. The air then exits through the ring. The ring, in turn, is designed in a way that the expelled air can pull even more surrounding air into and through the ring.  Bladeless fans have the advantage that they are built to be more powerful and more safe. They are quieter, use less energy and are therefore costlier than their bladed counterparts. 

Most bladed and bladeless neck fans work on a rechargeable battery system. They have an USB interface for quick charging of the battery. Though bladeless fans offer more safety and are especially good for parents with young children, they aren’t as strong as their bladed counterparts and also less easy to repair.

Depending on your specific needs, you can decide whether you want a bladeless or a bladed fan.  

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