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Are you an entertainer?

Dreaming of money, fame and glamor? Do you have what it takes to be an entertainer? Be it music, theater, comedy or a talk-show, entertainers are in a league by themselves and share certain traits. 


have a deep understanding of human nature. A great entertainer can read his audience like the back of his hand. A comedian knows what makes his audience tick. An actor can trigger emotions in his audience. A musician or singer knows how to make their audience dance to their pulse. All entertainers have great stage presence and excel in how they interact with their audience. The entertainer must learn to engage his audience – the greater the level of engagement, the greater the entertainer.


entertainers are dedicated to their craft. They work hard to hone their skills even to the extent of sacrificing their work-life balance. To them, their work is a priority and they don’t have a 40-hour work week, often sacrificing sleep, family and friends to make a name in their field. They have the desire to attain perfection and strive for greatness. Even when their popularity has faded some entertainers will keep perfecting their skills for their own satisfaction, if not for others. Great entertainers never really stop working because theirs is not a nine to five job. For an entertainer, their art is their life. 


Great Entertainers

are also gifted with an inner ability to shine in what they do best. But that alone is not enough to reach the top in their chosen line of entertainment. Great entertainers, therefore, have an inner drive that propels them to the top. From an early age, they excel in school programs or become very popular with their classmates for making them laugh with their unique jokes. 

Given that, how can you become an entertainer? The first step in becoming an entertainer is to aspire to greatness. Study the greats in the line of entertainment you wish to be in. Learn about how they got their start, who influenced their professional development, what challenges they conquered and how they kept persevering to attain excellence. If you feel you have the qualities that they possess, you can develop them. You must be willing to dedicate the time and sacrifice that is expected of great entertainers.


To be an entertainer, you must hone your talent and find a way to connect with audiences.

So many entertainers start developing their talents early on in their childhood. They take lessons in voice, instrumental music, theater or dance. However, some entertainers start late and also succeed. Other qualities that make a great entertainer are having an outgoing nature and lots of energy and verve.

The Aurora/Star Light Projector is a great showstopper.

It changes its colors and brings a nice neon feel to your party also lending a cozy intimate atmosphere. It Transports You To The Arctic Circle Right From The Comfort Of Your Bedroom As You See The Northern Lights Lighting Up Your Ceiling In A Dancing Blend Of Colors That Jive To The Sounds Of White Noise, Ocean Waves, A Summer Night, Rolling Thunder, A Gurgling Stream, Or The Pitter Patter Of The Rain. and is perfect for entertaining guests for get-togethers and other occasions.


Wind chimes haThe Aurora Light Projector can be operated via two ways:Universal USB wall charger or 3X AA Batteries.ve two main benefits. The sounds produced by wind chimes are non harmony sounds that have a calming effect on the mind. These sounds can greatly aid meditation, reduce stress and promote relaxation. They have a healing effect on the mind. They bring feelings of inner peace and a sense of overall balance and well-being. Moreover, in some Oriental schools of thought, wind chimes are supposed to create Zen energy attracting peaceful spirits while driving away the evil ones. They create a positive aura in the particular space in which they are placed dispelling the negative energies. Wind Chimes also enhance the aesthetics of a home adding colors and variety to your decor.


You can utilize the controller to turn on/off the machine, pivot or not, you can likewise change the splendor and volume level, switch the characteristic sound, switch the light and sound mode, and set the clock. Simple to set up by children and grown-ups.


The bulbs are very tiny, and therefore can’t be removed or replaced.However, we make sure we’re using top quality incandescent LED’s that have a long life expectancy, and if for some reason your tree stopped working as expected- we to stick to our 30 day money back guarantee.


The aurora northern lights, also known as the aurora borealis, are a spectacular natural light show visible at certain times of the year in the northern hemisphere. … This ring-shaped zone sits over the Earth’s geomagnetic north pole, where aurora activity is concentrated.


Yes because it automatically shuts off after 4hrs. And no, if you need it to light up the room all night vs only 4hrs. And after a little bit the motor makes a noice, there’s always an option to leave the stars and galaxy motionless too, that’s how we currently use it for my 5 and 3 yr old.

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