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Wintry and wet

A Humidifier is a device that adds moisture to the air. It is helpful in maintaining proper humidity levels in the room. Using a humidifier can prevent dryness which can cause irritation in many parts of the body.

In order to ensure maximum benefit from a humidifier, proper placement is necessary.

Placing the humidifier at a minimum of 3 feet or so is recommended. Although they can be placed on the floor, placing them at least 2 feet above the floor would be ideal. Never place a humidifier near a window in direct contact with sunlight or on a carpet or similar surfaces. A humidifier is best placed on a non-metallic and level surface. Also, make sure not to place a humidifier on top of or very close to wooden surfaces that are often exposed to damage from moisture or water. This can be avoided by placing a water-resistant cover underneath the humidifier unit to avoid problems arising from mist droplets or spilled water. To ensure best results, the humidifier needs to be placed closer to the center of the room or even to one side, wherever it is most convenient. Moreover, if you have severe congestion, sinus problems or cold and flu symptoms, it would be helpful to place the humidifier near the bed. The warm mist produced has an effect similar to that of a hot, steamy shower that can clear nasal and sinus passageways.

But do you need a humidifier at all? If your indoor air is too dry, you will need a humidifier.

The following are signs that your indoor air needs humidifying:


Static Electricity:

If you get zapped when you touch someone or something that means static electricity has built up because the indoor air is too dry.


Dry Lips and Skin:

If your skin and lips feel overly dry, this means the air in your home lacks sufficient moisture. Your skin contains water and without the presence of humidity your skin will dry out as well. This in turn can lead to flare-ups of existing skin conditions like eczema and acne.


Stuffy Nose and Nosebleeds:

Air that’s low in moisture content can leach water from your body and cause your nasal passages to dry up. In effect, your body will begin producing more mucus to compensate, which can cause your nose to become stuffy. A very dry nose will lead to nosebleeds. If your nosebleeds at home are frequent, this is a strong indication your indoor air is too dry.

And what about the cold and dry winter season? Does it merit the use of a humidifier? The simple answer is YES.

Here are 7 reasons why:

Increasing humidity levels during winter prevents the spread of airborne diseases. Wet air becomes heavy. This prevents the movement of germs, which simply combine with the moisture and then drop to the ground.

Snorers will especially benefit from the use of a humidifier as this will soothe the tissues at the back of your throat and reduce the snoring.

Using a humidifier will help you avoid problems arising from dry skin such as itchiness, peeling or chapped lips and dry eye irritation.

When the air has more moisture content, sweat evaporates slowly as a result of which you will feel warmer.

A humidifier can prevent the build up of static electricity in your room which can create sparks with flammable gas or dust. A humidifier can help in preventing dry air from causing damage to wood furniture.

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