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Ultrasonic Portable Oil Aroma Cool Mist humidifier For Bedroom

"It makes my home feel so inviting. I have it set on the table right by the front door. "

(14 customer reviews)



How to Breathe Better, Sleep Better, and Live Better at Home

Dry air can become a source of unnecessary discomfort even if you have not noticed:

If any of the above rings true to you, then dry air might be the underlying cause.

Quiet Ultrasonic Humidifiers by Tap Trendy Your Answer to Dryness

The Cool Mist Air Humidifier is a wholesome solution for Adults, Kids and Babies alike. Place it in any room around the house and sleep, meditate, read, or relax with your family- as comfortably as possible.

Adding humidity to dry air may temporarily aid you with

Experience the power of water as mist with our mist humidifier.
Dry air can leave your skin and throat feeling like sandpaper.

Instead wake up feeling refreshed. When you need dry air relief. This quality ultrasonic humidifier is the one you are looking for.

It’s so good for everyday life that you can enjoy its benefits at home. Your plants can enjoy it and you can even enjoy it while you work, breathe better, sleep better.

You live better with the soothing cool mist from the tap trendy

About this item

What will you get in the packet?



A cool-mist humidifier is a device intended to disperse cool moisture into the air to increase the Humidity levels of a given space. But you might be wondering? Why do you even want to moist the dry air? What causes dry air? Don’t worry we have done the research for you to answer all this. 

As temperatures get lower during the colder winter season, humidity levels naturally drop. This is because cold air can’t retain as much moisture as warm air. Primarily, low indoor humidity is created when cold air, which carries a far lesser amount of moisture than warm air, enters the home and is heated, therefore lowering the atmosphere’s overall relative humidity. Low humidity can also occur in arid climates during summer as a result of excessive air conditioning, which removes moisture from the air as it operates. But should we even worry about this? Let’s find out what happens due to it?

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends that you keep the humidity in your home or workspace between 30 and 50 per cent. When the air becomes drier than that, it raises the risk of several types of health issues.

  1. dry skin
  2. irritated eyes
  3. dryness in the throat or airways
  4. allergies
  5. frequent coughs
  6. bloody noses
  7. sinus headaches
  8. cracked lips

Aside from these health issues, wood and plants also get affected by dry air. If your plants are turning brown even after your intense care. Then don’t blame yourself for it. It might be happening due to low humidity in your space.

But does having a humidifier even help the above health issues?

Think about the last time it rained. Do you remember how the air felt after the rain stopped? You may have noticed a “crisp” feeling in the air. A cool-mist humidifier has a similar effect to the temperature of your room. Humidifiers add moisture to the air, which can benefit people with respiratory symptoms or dry skin during the summer months especially if you live in a dry, desert climate. This can also be a benefit during colder months when indoor heating makes the air hot and dry.

If you need more moisture in the air in your home, then you need a humidifier. If you only want to add fragrance to the air, and no moisture, then a diffuser is the proper product. If you want to buy a diffuser the go-to Diffusers for Essential Oils Large Room, 500ml Aromatherapy Diffuser,7 Colors Changed



(14 customer reviews)


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  • Avatar

    digital MoZ

    The product is fantastic! Arrived within seven days from Tap Trendy. Lots of functionality.

    May 12, 2022
  • Avatar

    Adams Melissa

    It makes my home feel so inviting. I have it set on the table right by the front door. If your open to feeling the mood blend of oils you add to the diffuser then it is definitely able to help you get into the mood your wanting with a pleasant aroma along with it.

    January 17, 2022
  • Avatar


    It’s easy to use, very clean, has great range, omits a cool most, and has a very relaxing color display

    September 23, 2021
  • Avatar


    When I first received and opened the box and seen the diffuser box I was just a bit surprised. I guess I just imagined it bigger. After taking it out of the box and getting it prepped with water and my aroma therapy oil I plugged it in. I was quite taken back by how quiet the diffuser is on all the levels. I love the display of changing colors. Once I had it going and on my night stand the size of the diffuser is perfect. ( The one I had prior to breaking was much bigger and was not as quite). So I definitely prefer this size much better. I love turning my lights off and leaving the diffuser on, it helps me relax in the evening. If your wondering which one to get I suggest this one you’ll love it!!!!

    December 28, 2020
  • Avatar

    Erin E

    I have big diffusers but I wanted something small to put next to my bed to fall asleep. I love the lights. It was very important to me that it automatically shut off when there was no water. For the price this is better than some of my bigger expensive ones I have. I think I’m going to get more of these in the future. Overall: super easy, great options, so many options, and GREAT price!!!!

    October 17, 2020
  • Avatar


    Decided to get me a diffuser to use my essential oils with and I’m so glad I did. I had a sore throat and used the Peppermint in the diffuser since I heard it’s good for that and it really was soothing. It was easy to operate and clean and I’ve used it for 5 days straight now. It’s not large so it fits perfect on my nightstand next to me. I love that it offers different settings, one with continual flow and another with intermittent flow (30 seconds of steam, 30 seconds off). Great buy and great for the money!

    August 13, 2020
  • Avatar


    Just got this. Easy to fill, instructions are shaky but it isn’t that tough to figure out how to use. I put eucalyptus oil in it and I can feel my sinuses opening up – I don’t have sinus trouble but it’s good to know for when cold season hits. I have the colors changing and like to glance at the colors changing while I work.

    December 23, 2019
  • Avatar


    My package came earlier than expected so that was a plus and everything was really easy to use and my room smells so good I love it. I would definetly buy this again!!!

    September 11, 2019
  • Avatar

    guttula srinu

    To everyone saying it doesn’t work after a day, please read the manual. It tells you too clean the machine after every use because tap water has minerals, they will clog the small hole. Even mine stopped giving out mist after two uses but I just wiped it with a wet q-tip and it was good as new. Loved the lighting. Really good product

    August 29, 2019
  • Avatar

    Kimberly Kerrigan

    I love this so much love the color change prefect

    July 3, 2019

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