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Coffee Cup Warmer/Heater and Saucer with Automatic Heating Mug

"Love it!😍 It always gave me a good day to start. More Happiness in a cup of coffee ☕️"

-Eleanor S.

A simple but helpful cup warmer can keep your beverages warm for almost the whole day. Make sure that your coffee/tea stays hot because reheating can ruin its flavor.


Our ceramic mug set adopts the real gold roasting process and is fired in a high temperature kiln of about thousands of degrees. The color is full, durable and not easy to fade. Each mug went through a comprehensive third-party safety and quality testing to ensure it is food safe. These porcelain mugs are made of high-grade china, Because we want you to enjoy it without any worries.

Coffee warmer is designed to keep your beverage at constant temperature and keep this temperature whole day, which comfortable temperature.Coffee warmer is designed to keep your beverage at constant temperature and keep this temperature whole day, which comfortable temperature. Constant temperature coaster let you enjoy your hot coffee at any time. Our electric cup can reduce the cooling speed of hot drinks, which is maintained throughout the day. It is neither too hot nor too cold. Especially suitable use in cold weather.

Semi-circular cup handle, reasonable design, easy to pick up. Equipped with colors and packaging suitable for Christmas, it can bring you and your friends a festive atmosphere.

this letter ceramic cup is carefully printed with the letters " L " and "Lucky ", meaning " Lucky ", expressing a positive and inspiring spiritual force to encourage your loved ones to move on, In short, this is a unique gift for your loved ones and is sure to express your best wishes.

About this item

What will you get in the packet?

  1. 1 x Coffee cup warmer
  2. 1 x Ceramic Mug
  3. 1 x Cup Cover
  4. 1 x Spoon
  5. 1 x USB cable
  6. 1 x Gift box





Frequently asked questions about Coffee Cup Warmer/Heater?

How hot should a coffee warmer be?

Between 120 and 140 degrees

Temperature Range & Controls

Coffee is generally brewed at around 200 degrees, and the ideal temperature to enjoy it is between 120 and 140 degrees. Most mug warmers are designed to maintain temperatures within this range so that you can enjoy a toasty drink for hours.

How does a cup warmer work?

Mug warmers use heating coils in the same way electric kettles do. Once plugged in and switched on (most have an on/off switch on the side), electricity flows to a small heating coil built inside the device. A mug warmer works by using the simple properties of heat transfer and thermal energy.

What cup material retains heat the best?


Ceramic Retains Heat Better Than Glass

Conduction is loss of heat through the direct contact of two materials, one of which is a colder than the other. Because ceramic is more porous than glass, conduction occurs slower in ceramic mugs.

How do you keep coffee warm without electricity?

How do you keep coffee warm without electricity? You can preheat the coffee mug to keep it warm, use a mug cozy, or use a styrofoam cup to retain heat.

How do you use a coffee mug warmer?

Simply plug the cord, tap the switch and put your mug on. All set. Now the mug warmer will keep your drink warm to the last drop. One touch button design to turn it on/off, setting temperature.

Product Features:

🔖55° constant temperature intelligent induction cup mat, continuous heat preservation for hours

🔖Ceramic cups, milk bottles, stainless steel cups, glass cups, and beverages can be used

🔖USB charging, convenient and fast

🔖Intelligent constant temperature, gravity induction, the water cup will automatically heat after placing the coaster, and the water cup will leave the coaster, and the power will be automatically cut off to prevent dry burning

🔖Glass panel, wear-resistant, anti-drop, safe, waterproof, and more textured to touch

🔖Low power, school dormitory can also be used safely

🔖Beautifully packaged, the best gift for friends

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