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Diffuser 101

A diffuser is a device that diffuses essential oils into the air. Its modus operandi is that it breaks down the oil into micro molecules and then releases them into the air. This kind of diffuser is known as an ultrasonic diffuser and is a popular choice among consumers because it is cost effective and needs only a small amount of oil to be properly diffused inside a room.

If you’re wondering whether a diffuser boils water, know that the main difference between a humidifier and a diffuser lies in their output: whereas a humidifier will emit water vapor into the air, a diffuser will release essential oils into the air in the form of tiny water droplets. Humidifiers use water to increase the moisture level of the air while a diffuser only disperses an aroma throughout a room. However, a water-based diffuser is typically an ultrasonic unit that is powered by electricity and plugged into a wall socket. It uses clean water and 100% pure essential oils to create a fine, cool mist. The mist is then diffused or dispersed into the air for us to breathe in the aroma.

Generally, diffusers are safe to use every day except in cases where a person is allergic to a particular essential oil. Respiratory issues are strong pointers that can indicate the suitability or unsuitability of a particular oil. Pregnant women and teens need the advice of a doctor before they can be exposed to an essential oil every day. For instance, research has revealed that some essential oils have brought on abnormal breast tissue growth in teens. People with diabetes also need to consult a doctor before using a diffuser all day. Finally, some diffusers may make a soft, gurgling sound which may disturb your sleep, especially if you’re a light sleeper. So decide accordingly.

Moreover, there are some basic rules of thumb about the placement of your diffuser:

You can place the diffuser either on a table or on the floor. But placing it about 2 feet from the floor will ensure even distribution of the mist within the room. 

Use your diffuser in conjunction with something that will protect the surface from spills and water droplets. It’s best to place a tray or other protective material. This will tackle problems that arise from spilling produced by the output nozzle. 

Also, the shelf, desk or table the diffuser is placed on must be stable in order to avoid accidents in the event of someone tipping over your diffuser. Never place your diffuser on a carpet as it traps water over time which can be very problematic. Furniture is best kept at a distance from a diffuser. If a spill occurs, you don’t want the water to spoil your furniture.. 

Be careful not to place your diffuser in direct sunlight such as near a window as the warmth created by sunlight provides the ideal condition for the growth of algae and bacteria. So place your diffuser in a cool place that does not get too much light. 

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