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Look up at the sky. What do you see? Is the moon full or just a crescent on this night? The fact is that the moon presents a different view every night. It appears to change shape every now and then. The different shapes we see are the moon’s  different phases.

In reality, the moon does not change its shape. As you know, the moon reflects the light of the sun. Being a satellite of the earth, it does not have any light of its own. So what you see as “moonlight” is actually just sunlight reflecting off the moon’s surface.

The sun’s light comes from one direction, and only illuminates the side of the moon that is facing the sun at any particular time. The other side of the moon that is not facing the sun remains dark. And on earth, our view of the illuminated side of the moon changes each night, depending on where the Moon is in, as it orbits around the earth. When we have a full view of the completely illuminated side of the moon, that phase is what we call the full moon.

But every night following the full moon, we start to see less and less of the moon. Eventually, the moon reaches a point in its orbit when we don’t see any part of the moon that is illuminated. At this point, the far side of the moon is facing the sun. This phase is called a new moon during which the side of the moon that is facing the earth is dark. With the moon lamp however, that is not the case. What you get to see each and every night is a lovely full moon that creates a wonderful lunar universe in your bedroom. In the 1800s moon lamps typically used a wax or oil light source that was placed inside a glass or metal bowl but these days we have LED versions as well. Traditional LED moon lamps emit a warm, inviting light creating a cozy atmosphere that is ideal for relaxing in bed or reading a book. They can also double up as ambient lighting in businesses and homes.

Moon lamps can either be levitating or floating. A levitating moon lamp has a metal plate suspended by two electromagnets. As the power is turned on, the plates start attracting each other and stay together until released by pressing a button. The metal plate thus suspended in the air creates an environment where objects can be levitated. On the other hand, a floating moon lamp is attached to a floating platform which makes it possible to move around and produce light.

Moon lamps come in a spectrum of colors giving you the option to choose one that compliments your room décor. Simply change the colors by tapping the lamp. Moon lamps can be charged through an USB port or by a cable that connects it to a power source. 

Bask in the moonlight all night long right in the comfort of your bedroom. Check out our range of beautiful moon lamps.

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