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A fine mist

Think about your home smelling fresh and sweet and a diffuser comes to mind, specially an ultrasonic oil diffuser. This device has a small ceramic plate on the inside that keeps vibrating to create a cool, odorless water mist much like the mist you see around a waterfall. After you add an essential oil to the diffuser, the vibration breaks down the oil into tiny particles that combine in a fine vapor that the diffuser then spreads into the air. This is the process that creates that fine scent in your rooms.

Keep in mind that the diffuser can hold about 100 ml of water and you should add 3-5 drops of oil per 100 ml of water. Decide according to your preference and also remember that larger rooms will need you to add more drops.

But if you’re wondering whether diffusers are safe for your lungs, it all depends on how you are using the essential oil.  Essential oils are highly concentrated liquids that are extracted from plants or resins.

Since they are very potent, a little goes a long way. But here are a few important points to make a note of:

  • Ingestion of an essential oil is generally considered to be unsafe. 
  • Topical use of an essential oil may be fine but the oil has to be diluted by mixing it with a carrier oil first.

Having said that, diffusing an essential oil can be a great way to avail all the benefits of aromatherapy. And because a diffuser spreads the oil into the air, your safety is not compromised either.

But to be doubly safe, here are a few points you should remember:

  • Start out cautious. Use less oil than recommended to check your body’s reaction to the oil. 
  • Keep the window open to ensure a steady and healthy airflow.
  • Try different oils to find the ones that suit you the most. For instance, start out with a lighter oil such as sweet orange or lemon. Once you feel more confident, you can graduate to stronger oils. 
  • Study different essential oils and their compositions. For instance, if you know that a particular ingredient may trigger an allergic reaction, you can avoid that oil and opt for another one instead. 
  • Consult your doctor if you have a specific medical condition or are pregnant or have pets or children in the house. 
  • If you notice an allergic reaction, which will manifest as sudden coughing, sneezing, or watery and itchy eyes you should stop diffusing immediately and consult the doctor.

Also remember that some oil diffusers use special cartridges or scents instead of pure essential oils. These scents can harm your lungs as they contain harmful chemicals and perfumes.

When choosing a fragrance for your diffuser, check the list of ingredients carefully. The list should only have the name of one or more essential oils, and not numbers or names of any chemical compounds, which can be harmful when diffused. Just remember that an essential oil diffuser is a safe and natural way to scent your home because it produces minimal smoke, soot and airborne toxins when compared to synthetic fragrances.

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